Beer Opener Sign Collection

The collection is grown larger each day.  We will keep this page up to date with all the different beer signs we are making.  Each sign measures 5.5 wide and 15.75 high.  They can be made with a magnet to catch the caps as they are opened.  Be rest assured that each of these opener have been thoroughly tested.

Drink Local Wisconsin - beer opener sign I just rescued a beer - Opener sign Keep Calm and Drink On - Beer Opener sign You need a beer - opener sign Drink Local Ohio - Beer Opener

6/8/2016 – Adding this OPEN sign to the collection

OPEN Beer Sign

We use pine boards for most of these beer opener signs.  It is not unusual to see small knots or imperfections in the wood.  We believe that this adds character to each sign and makes them unique. To order a carved beer sign opener, please visit our Etsy store.


If you would like a custom sign, please contact us at  We can work with you on a design.