Kreg Router Table

My Kreg Router Table


This is a tool that is always used in my shop.  It is the Kreg router table.  I have paired this with a Triton router that has a built in lift.  I use this with clamps and other jigs to make a variety of projects in my shop. I bought this with the stand and the fence.  I later added some wheels so it could be easily be moved around the shop.  I think the bit I use the most is a round over bit.  I cheated a bit and bought the Triton insert for the table.  This way I knew everything would line up correctly.  Since I have more experience now, I think I would buy the blank insert and drill my own holes. It has a dust port on the rear.  Overall this was an expensive purchase. I have tried cheap router tables and they flex and move.  This is high quality and I plan on keeping it a lifetime.

I am not recommending you go out and buy this tool.  I am give you my feedback on the tools I use in the shop. If you click on the picture or the link it will take you to the current version of the tool on Amazon.