How to make a Mason Jar Chandelier from Reclaimed Barn Board

Make a Mason Jar Chandelier from Barn Wood

Here is my first “How to Video” on Youtube

We are going to make a Mason Jar Chandelier from Reclaimed Barn Board. I have linked some of the tools and materials to Amazon.  Others are easy to find at your big box stores.


  • Barn Board
  • Light Pendants
  • Scrap wood to make a frame (I used a 1×6 that I ripped to 1 inch widths)
  • Nails
  • 1 5/8 drywall screws
  • Glue – I use Titebond III in my Glu-bot
  • Wire Nuts
  • File
  • Electrical Tape
  • Light Bulbs
  • Mason Jars with Lids

First thing I did was unpack the Mason Jars

mason jars


I then took off the lids and cut a hole in the top so I could put the light pendant in them.  I made a 1 5/8 inch hole with a hole saw I bought from the big box store.  I used my drill press to do this.  Watching the video you can see this was not the best way to do this.  I have seen people make a bunch of holes to create a circle and cut out.  What ever you do, please be careful and wear eye protection.

drilling mason jar lids

Once the holes were cut.  I files them to make sure there were not any rough edges.

filing holes


I did not like the look the of silver tops so I spray painted them black.

painting mason jar lids


Next I took the barn board that was to be the top and made sure that my mason jars would fit.  The board was about 18×10.

aligning jars on top

Next I started the frame for the box.  I wanted this to be strong and the board board more of a wrapping.  I ripped some 1x6s into 1 inch widths and used them to build the frame.

ripping wood for frame

I built this on the fly and marked and cut the wood to fit. Believe it or not, it was almost square.

aligning frame

Here is a picture of the completed frame.  I glued it and screwed it together with Titebond III and my Glu-bot. I did predrill to make sure that the frame did not crack.

completed frame

Next I put the top on with some glue and nails.  I used my Grex 23 gauge pin nailer.  You can use any type of nails, mine are 1 3/8 inch.  They are more there to hold it in place until the glue drys.

capping with barn siding

Next I measured and cut the sides.  I made sure the sides were about 1/2 inch higher than the top.  I used just a plain butt joint.  I burned the ends of the wood for a more rustic look.

Nail on side

Next I measured and drilled the holes for the lights.  The lights I bought on Amazon.  A double pack was about $15.

drilling holes for lights

I then put the lights through the wood, making sure that they were all the same length.  I tied the wire so they would not slip. Next I wired up the lights.  I am not going to go into detail here as I am not an electrician.  White wires to white wires, Blacks to black wires and made a lead for the electrical box. There are different ways to do this.

Installing lights

Putting the hardware was the next step, make sure to put the lid stopper on first.   I did this on all 6 lights and tested them.

installing hardware

To mount the light, I used parts from a different light and bought a 6 inch spindle from the store.  The light even with the mason jars is pretty light. The box is strong enough for a ceiling fan, so if I need to I can switch it up later. Basically there is a mount on the box where a 1/2 inch spindle goes through.  You can see this in the middle of the box.  There is a nut with a big washer holding it to the ceiling.

Light on celing

And once connected to the power source, we have light!

light completed

This was a lot of fun to make and did not take that long.

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