Ridgid Oscillating/Edge Belt Sander

My Rigid Belt & Oscillating Sander

Rigid Sander

I hate sanding!!  We make a lot of yard dice from 4x4s.  These require a lot of sanding, especially the end grains.  This Rigid Sander has made sanding almost enjoyable.  I said almost.  What took for ever with a hand held sander now only takes a few moments a side with the belt attachment.  I did have a stand alone oscillating spindle sander that I will be donating as a replacement for this tool.   When sanding it is important to wear a mask.  I have screwed up my sinus many times.  I use to wear those paper masks but have moved up to a respirator with changeable cartridges.

I am not recommending you go out and buy this tool.  I am give you my feedback on the tools I use in the shop. If you click on the picture or the link it will take you to the current version of the tool on Amazon.