Wisconsin Carved Home Sign

Wisconsin Carved Home Sign

Reclaimed Wisconsin Home sign

Here are instructions how we made this sign!


  • Lumber – We used reclaimed wood from a swing set
  • Glue
  • Router – We used a CNC but can use a router or paint
  • sand paper
  • Paint Brush
  • Paint
  • stain
  • router bits
  • Sander

First we milled boards that were once a swing set.  You can use really any wood you want with this project.  Below is the milling process that we did.

Pre milled wood Reclaimed lumber Makita Planer dewalt chop saw

  • Picked boards to use on project
  • Squared ends of boards with table saw
  • Planed boards with planer
  • Cut to length with miter saw

We then have the boards we are going to use

milled lumber

Next we glued them up.  For this we used Titebond III Wood glue. We use it in our Glu-Bot.  It makes it much easier to use than a bottle.  We spread the glue with our Bench Dog brushes.  I always used my finger, had a gift certificate from Amazon so I thought I would try them.  Love them and now my fingers stay somewhat glue free. Don’t forget to wipe up any glue that squeezed out when clamping them.

glued boards Glu Bot bench dawg glue brush clamped boards

I let them dry for a few hours.  Unclamped them and gave them a quick sanding with my Bosch Sander and 80 grit Sand paper to get off any glue that was not wiped off when clamping them.

Next I put them in the X-Carve and let it carve the words and the heart.  I then had to switch bits and let it cut out the state outline.  This same thing can be accomplished with a band or scroll saw.  For the letters we used a 1/2-Inch by 90-Degree Carbide Tipped V-Groove Router Bit and for the cut out used an end mill.

home sign starting carve Home Sign being carved

After it was cut, gave it a quick sanding and painted the letters with craft Americana Primary Red Acrylic Paint and a small brush.

home sign painted Americana Primary Red

Once dried, sanded the sign to remove any paint that was on the wood, not in the letters.  Again, this same sign could be painted rather than carved.

Home sign sanded

Gave the sign a rub of Danish Oil – Dark Walnut and it was finished.

Watco Danish Oil Dark Walnut Reclaimed Wisconsin Home sign

I have linked the tools and materials so you can make this sign.

This sign will also be available in our Etsy Shop

If you want this sign with a different state, please contact us at mydesignsandfinds@gmail.com